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Electromagnetic Pulse Energy

IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission

Nuclear EMP has 3 components

  • E1: Very fast pulse that generates very high voltages. Destroys computers and communications equipment and is too fast for ordinary lightning protectors
  • E2: Has similarities in strength and timing to the electrical pulses produced by lightning
  • E3: Very different from E1 and E2. E3 is a very slow pulse causing “Quasi-DC” currents in the power grid. It lasts tens to hundreds of seconds and has similarities to geomagnetic induced currents (GIC) caused by severe solar storms

Solar Storms are random solar events that disrupt the Earth’s magnetic field and cause long distance ground currents and voltages which may seriously damage power grid transformers and transmission lines

RF Weapons are manufactured portable devices capable of generating directed high amplitude electric fields that can disrupt, disable, and damage electronic systems

IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission
3 portions of HEMP electric field waveform in volts/meter from IEC 61000-2-9